Get fit with Fusion’s ‘Rethink, Refresh, Restart’ campaign


Leigh Rickhuss, 37, had always struggled with her weight and, in 2016 she decided to tackle it, joining a slimming club and starting keep fit classes.

She was doing well with her weight loss but found that the exercise classes didn’t always fit in around her work so she decided to join her local leisure centre, Rayleigh Leisure Centre, where the group exercise programme gave her plenty of choice and flexibility.

Through a combination of healthy eating and exercise Leigh began to lose weight. She was doing so well she decided to sign up for the London Marathon in 2018, something that had always been on her bucket list.

The training for the marathon gave Leigh the final weight loss push she needed and she reached her 5 stone target weight loss just before the marathon.

Since the marathon Leigh has continued to enjoy classes including spin, and use the treadmill in the gym at Rayleigh Leisure Centre and also swims at Clements Hall Leisure Centre. Leigh says that her healthy lifestyle is now a way of life for her.

Leigh is sharing her story as part of Fusion’s ‘Rethink, Refresh, Restart’ campaign encouraging people to reboot their fitness in 2019. To find out more visit:


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