Futures harmed by cuts


Councillor Mike Fletcher who works for the Thurrock Belhus Ward has told The Enquirer that our children`s futures are being harmed by even more school cuts.

Cllr Fletcher has responded to the news last week that headteachers have written to 23,000 Thurrock families about their worsening school budget shortages after the Education Secretary refused to meet with them.

Cllr Fletcher said: “Our children`s future is being harmed by austerity, we are mortgaging their future and ours with it and its scary.”

“We are proud of our Thurrock schools but the decision to cut fundings to schools ties an arm behind all of our backs. Thurrock has an ever increasing population and during a time where we are crying out for more schools and school places, we are getting a cut in school funding.”

“When we talk to people locally the key issue is education, providing a decent education for our children is what everyone here wants and nationally. Education is vital.”

“We are seeing an increase in anti social behaviour and strong education is a vital to key in stopping this.

“In my ward there aren`t many decent job prospects so a good education is what most parents want for their children. Education has to start from a young age. Children`’s futures are being harmed now. “

It has been reported that over 40 schools in Thurrock have written to households to share their concerns over budget cuts.

These issues are common features across our education system up and down the country. Levels of concern amongst headteachers they are now all working together with a united voice for change against the goverment.

“Government cuts are crippling schools and colleges, making it harder for leaders and teachers to do a good job for our students and pupils.

“The cuts are pushing up class sizes, workload, stress and driving good teachers from the profession,” Cllr Fletcher finished.


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