Freya Ridings


Freya Ridings releases her eagerly anticipated self-titled debut album As one of the fastest rising artists on the platform in the UK, Freya is building a global fan base on YouTube at a rapid pace. In the last year, she’s had more than 50 million views on YouTube globally.

Freya Ridings became the surprise success story of 2018 with her breakthrough platinum-selling hit ‘Lost Without You’. A once-in-a-lifetime song that immediately put Freya on the map, it hit the Top 10 on seven separate occasions during a six-month run in the Top 40 and is now approaching 200 million streams.

Freya’s debut album is now available to order and features previous singles ‘Lost Without You’, ‘You Mean The World To Me’, ‘Blackout’ and new single ‘Castles’. Plus there are new recordings of tracks ‘Poison’ and ‘Elephant’ and brand new material including live-favourite ‘Holy Water’ and ‘Still Have You’.

Freya wrote all of the twelve songs that feature on the album which underpins her world class credentials as a songwriter. In an era in which hits are inevitably written by committee, ‘Lost Without You’ saw Freya become the first female artist to have an entirely self-written Top 10 hit since Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ returned to the charts in 2012.



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