Former Queen’s Hospital patient gives a special thanks

Sue Lovell, Hayley and Laura Mayor
Sue Lovell, Hayley and Laura Mayor

Midwife could still win the national title

Nominated by local mum Laura Mayor, Queen’s Hospital’s Sue Lovell has been awarded the Emma’s Diary Mums’ Midwife of the Year 2018 for the London region.

Emma’s Diary is a support resource for mums to be and new parents and received a record 751 nominations from mums across the UK.

Following a traumatic experience during the birth of her second child, Laura became very anxious during her third pregnancy. She was already high risk due to having a C-section with her first child but as her pregnancy progressed she was presented with a set of new challenges, suffering with polyhydramnios (excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac).

Laura met Sue early on in her pregnancy via the hospital’s Maternity Voices Partnership and was present at the birth of Hayley, now seven months old.

Laura said: “As my pregnancy progressed my high-risk status became more complicated, but Sue was my support throughout. She was with me from the moment I arrived at hospital to give birth and made time in her busy day as head of midwifery to check on me regularly.

“When I started to panic and doubt myself she listened to me, she hugged me, she calmed me down and stayed with me whilst I gave birth. I trusted her implicitly and after my previous experience this was no mean feat. Without Sue I’m not convinced my birth would have been so smooth, she did everything in her power to give me a positive experience. I am forever indebted to her, she deserves this award and to be recognised. She is amazing and was my rock during pregnancy and birth.”

The RCM’s annual awards will be held on March 6. Sue will join the six other regional winners at a glamorous awards ceremony in London, where she will receive her trophy and find out who is crowned the coveted national winner.

Sue, Head of Midwifery at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “As head of midwifery, I don’t always have the opportunity to be the one providing hands-on care to our patients, but it’s what I find most rewarding about my job. Being a midwife is very special, you’re supporting women when they are at their most vulnerable, and it’s so important that you are an advocate for them.”


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