Fly tipping policy gets tougher


Thurrock Council have hit back at fly tippers declaring a ‘zero tolerance’ policy throughout the area.
In an interview with the Thurrock Enquirer, Councillor Aaron Watkins, Portfolio Holder for Environment spoke about the hard-line tactics the Council are taking to stop not just local residents but outsiders coming into Thurrock to get rid of all their rubbish illegally.
“We are finalising now a new campaign to stop fly tipping.
“It will be online and off line, with a new stronger message to make sure people know that when you enter Thurrock we have a zero tolerance policy on fly tipping and will take strong measures against those who do fly tip,” said Councillor Watkins.
In 2016, when the Conservative administration took the Council, the group worked hard to ensure that the environment was one of the most important items on their agenda.
“In 2016 we made sure that we had a good policy ready for making sure our streets were clean and that people were proud to live here in Thurrock.
“We worked hard with enforcement officers who handed out on the spot fines and we successfully prosecuted many fly tippers.”
Councillor Watkins also revealed how the refuse site in Stanford Le Hope will soon face a whole new redevelopment.
“The site will undergo a £2.6 million redevelopment, that will see it grow and expand and Buckingham Hill Road will have better access for residents.
“It will be easier for these residents to remove their rubbish.”
The Council have also now employed extra enforcement officers to help prosecute fly tippers throughout Thurrock.
“When we first started in 2016 we only had one enforcement officer. However recently we have employed three new officers alongside a new Strategic Head Officer to make sure our team are working even harder to successfully prosecute any potential fly tippers.


“We have also embarked on a new partnership with the local police where our enforcement officers go out with police officers once every three weeks.”
One local resident who lives in Thurrock told the Enquirer: “This is great news, fly tipping has been a real problem for some parts of Thurrock so I’m really pleased the council are taking this tough approach to it.
“Its about time these vile people, who make our areas where we live extremly unsightly, not to mention smelly and dirty got tougher measures from the council and the police.
“I have lived in Thurrock all my life and the fly tipping has never been so bad as it is now.”


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