Five things to do with your grandchild this summer


Summer holidays are here, which means quality time with your grandchildren. You want to create the best moments for them and fill their break with magical memories; however, sometimes it can be a challenge to keep them constantly entertained. To alleviate the stress, below are some clever ideas on how to have fun with your grandkids on a budget!
1- Play and learn – Quality apps such as IntellectoKids Learning Games are perfect for grandparents who want to keep their tots occupied while boosting their IQs. This app caters to younger grandkids, specifically for those aged three to six years old and offers a range of fun, visual games that educate on a variety of topics such as the alphabet, numbers, basic mathematics, chemical elements, space and logic. Just download the app, which is free for the first week and then £33.99 for the whole year.
2- Get creative – Tie-dying is a classic activity on the bucket list of many during the holidays. Change it up by trying out a lesser-known technique called ice-dyeing to give your old or glum tees, socks and cushions a new lease of life. The best thing is that this activity isn’t as messy or daunting as it sounds. In fact, it’s inexpensive and encourages everyone to get as creative as possible. For this, all you need is more than one colour of DYLON Hand Dye, which can be found at your local Sainsburys or John Lewis), an item you want to dye (an old white tee, for example), a bag of ice cubes, rubber gloves, cooling rack and large plastic tray.
3- Enjoy the outdoors – Embrace the sunshine and head off to the countryside, seaside or even a local park to enjoy some outdoor games such as frisbee and hot potato. Follow this up by tucking into a spread of simple yet delicious dishes such as sandwiches, hummus and fruit salad. Better yet, why not bring out the grill and gather your whole family around for a nice homemade BBQ selection? After all, you can’t go wrong when it comes to incorporating food into any of your activities.
4 – Develop a green thumb – Whether you have a house or flat, summer is the ideal season to teach little ones about gardening. In fact, various studies have proved that it improves a child’s wellbeing, learning and overall development. Spend time with your grandchild reading tips and articles about pot plants, herbs and vegetables, as well as planting the seeds, so they really feel involved. If they’re older and ready to take up some responsibility, make a dedicated play garden for them to grow plants and enjoy having a fruit or vegetable patch of their own.
5- Explore local attractions – Did you know that Essex has one of the best zoos in the world? If your grandkids are animal lovers, take them to Colchester Zoo where they can see 260 animal species such as red pandas and tiger cubs. Alternatively, act like a tourist in your own county. Revisit history by checking out the magnificent Colchester castle or take in the beauty of contemporary art at Firstsite museum.


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