Cineworld Festival Film Club Review: Sausage Party


Film: Sausage Party
Rating: 15, 90mins
Festival Film Club rating:HHHH
By Charlene Robinson

THE PREMISE of adult animation and inanimate objects firing jokes and profanity seemed like nothing new after the likes of The Simpsons, Family guy and Ted gracing the small and big screen over the years so I had thought I was prepared for a silly cartoon and the events that may unfold but no, Sausage Party is in a league of its own!

It is definitely offensive, but surprisingly backs up its enthusiastic profanity (brace yourself for a lot of swearing!) with an impressively high laugh-to-joke/innuendo ratio — and an engaging thought-provoking storyline.

The brain child of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg you can expect some high laughs and existential trippiness. The stories main character is a sausage, who desperately wants to live out an ambition of leaving the supermarket and fulfilling his dream of going home with a human God and being worshipped not eaten. The misplaced sausage and his savoury friends embark on an adventure through the aisles and unfold a raunchy animated comedy that may look cute but is definitely not for children!

As ridiculous as the film sounds it was also clever and very funny so I would rate it 4 out of 5.


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