Film Review: The BFG



PG, 117mins
Festival Film Rating: 4/5
by Mel, Oliver and Ellathe bfg

A BIG film which left me a tiny bit disappointed!
Having enjoyed this book as a child and more recently read it to my children, our family was all really looking forward to seeing this film. Whilst Spielberg doesn’t disappoint and delivers a gloriumptious visual spectacular, the story is quite dark and slow and takes a while to get going.

The story follows the loveable Big Friendly Giant, played wonderfully by Mark Rylance, as he befriends young orphan Sophie and takes her with him back to giant country. Here we discover why he is different from the others and watch as he is constantly being bullied by even bigger and nastier Giants, who like to feast on human beans like Sophie. Very slowly! We watch a beautiful friendship between the unlikely pair unfold as Sophie plans to save the BFG from these horrid beasts.

The film comes into its own in the last part with lots of heartwarming and laugh out loud moments for all. Whilst it may not be my all time favourite film, it is definitely worth taking the family to see as there really is something for all.

I took my two children aged 10 & 11 who absolutely loved it and were truly mesmerised by the magic of it all.

Unfortunately, the boundaries are pushed a little too far here, from madness to utterly ridiculous.

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