Film Review: Warcraft: The Beginning


Warcraft: The Beginning,

12A, 123mins Warcraft
Festival Film Rating: 3/5
by Ellie Bedford

I HAVE to admit, I went in with quite low expectations of Blizzard’s first game to film adaptation, based on their award winning online game World of Warcraft.

It is a visually stunning film, from the snowy mountain ranges of Ironforge to the beautiful Elwynn Forest, then viewing the landscape from the back of a Griffon. It’s breathtaking.

The main story is based on a horde of Orcs whose homeland has been destroyed and whose only hope is to follow the orders of their leader Gul’dan, who is obsessed with dark magic called The Fel, to invade the realm of Azeroth.

It’s up to King Llane and his military commander Anduin Lothar, Mage Khadgar and the Protector Medivh to face the Orcs head on to send them back to their world, with the help of an army, of cou

As time is of the essence they have to act quickly, uncovering some dark secrets in the process. What lets the film down is unless you have prior knowledge of the game franchise the characters are flat, with no back story explained, so its assumed you already know the characters’ pasts. With the ending left open, let’s hope that if any sequel is made it’s explained better.

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