Film Review: Transformers Age of Extinction


TransformersTransformers: Age of Extinction
12A, 165mins

Festival Film Rating: 4/5
by: Chris Brook

ME and my two boys were very much looking forward to seeing the next instalment of Transformers – Age of Extinction. And we weren’t disappointed.

The previous film, set in Chicago, was great and this followed on perfectly, explaining how humans had turned against the Transformers, leaving the Autobots and Decepticons in hiding.

However, a group of scientists try to learn from the Transformers and push the boundaries of technology – only to uncover a new terrifying threat as a mysterious new enemy locks its sight on Earth.

The film has some amazing special effects and an epic car chase not to mention some great transformer action! Plus with the introduction of the Dinobots, there’s something for the youngsters too.

Festival Film Club LogoCade played by Mark Wahlberg was a great character who was very believable and his relationship with his daughter played by Nicola Peltz was played out really well.

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