Film Review: Planes 2 Fire and Rescue


Planes 2 Fire and RescuePlanes 2: Fire and Rescue
U, 84mins
Festival Film Rating: 4/5
by: Natalie Cole

DISNEY’S Planes is back, but this time it’s a fire and rescue challenge that Dusty Crophopper and pals take on.

The film starts with a recap of the first movie reminding us that Dusty had achieved his dreams of becoming a racing plane.

Poor Dusty’s gear box fails during a routine flight and he’s sad to hear the news that he won’t be able to compete in races again. Upset by this, Dusty flies off trying to reach top speed and his engine stalls causing him to crash, consequently causing a fire on the runway when he tries to land.

Propwash’s own fire truck Mayday comes to help, but he’s a little bit over the hill now with a leaky firehose and struggles to put out the fire! Propwash needs a new fire and rescue plane to help Mayday, the ever plucky Dusty volunteers.

Dusty trains everyday with his new friends to become a fire plane, the results are both brilliant and entertaining. The animation Disney have produced is fantastic, colourful, vibrant and gripping!

Festival Film Club LogoMy son who enjoyed the film with me said it was “really cool”. A must see great family film for the holidays.

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