Film Review: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie


Mrs Browns BoysMrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, 15, 95mins
Festival Film Rating: 2/5
by: Kerry Robinson

THERE has been a flurry of television stars who have tried to make the jump from small to big screen; Keith Lemon and Harry Hill being two such examples. 

The latest to join the club is comedian Brendan O’Carroll, better known to viewers as Mrs Agnes Brown.

The film’s plot is simple; Agnes has to pay a large tax bill or face losing her beloved fruit and vegetable stall. There is a corrupt politician, Russian thugs and blind ninjas all thrown into the mix but the story is essentially about Agnes and what she means to her friends and family.

The film felt like a long version of the television show, sometimes a bit too long. A few of the jokes were laugh out loud funny but most of the time the humour felt stale and it seemed like the movie had run out of ideas by the end.

However, there is one scene that showcases O’Carroll’s terrific acting abilities as Agnes gives an emotional speech to her daughter, Cathy. Unfortunately, this one moment cannot save the rest of the film.

Festival Film Club LogoFans of the television series will probably enjoy the film as it really is just an extended episode but general cinema goers may want to steer clear.

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