Film Premier “Murked”


This Saturday the Romford Film Foundation is premiering the film ‘Murked’.

The film is written by Can Somer, a 22 year old Actor (Borstal, TV Personality (Lie Detective, Carjackers, My Hotter Half) and Director from London. He wrote the film when he was just 15 and directed it in 2018 with a great team of cast and crew from his production company Cherry Tree Media. The film is starring Richard Fashola (debut) and Sonny Denham (The Guvnors, the song of Tony Denham). The film worked closely with the Romford Film Foundation

It is a short film about two teenagers soon to be going into adulthood living their everyday life of running the streets. One is Lewis (Richard Fashola) and the other is Kenny (Sonny Denham). Kenny has had enough of the “Street life” and wants to back out and move on in his life. Lewis is not to happy with that as they have been friends for a long while and have always stuck together no matter what. With Kenny leaving that leaves Lewis on his own and weak that does not help as he has people after him for what he has done previously so by turning to a gang for protection it results in the film ending in a life changing event.

The film is premiering at Premiere Cinema this Saturday in the Mercury Mall, Romford.



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