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Tony Klinger
Tony Klinger

In follow up to the piece in the Enquirer dated March 14, (click here to read) this week we have spoken exclusively to world famous director and film writer Tony Klinger about the new community outreach programme called ‘Give-Get-Go’ and its sister ‘GGG’ that are truly unique and very special

They are primarily designed to work with people under 25 and over 55 years of age but also happy to work with people of other ages.

The programme believes that younger and older members of our society don’t get a fair chance to be productive in the creative and other sectors of our society.

Mr Klinger told The Enquirer: “This is a huge waste of talent! It is an unacceptable waste for commerce and industry not to harness two thirds of our potential talent pool.

“The young have obvious tremendous energy, strength and ambition. They also don’t know what can go wrong so they don’t have pre-conceived notions to rein them in. The seniors we work with will have experience and wisdom. Together they will make this world turn a little faster.”

The other unique aspect of GGG is its approach to production of the projects with which it’s involved. GGG intends to raise the development and marketing finance for full-length films, books and plays.

Not the production costs. This will facilitate production deals with major broadcasters, theatrical organisations and publishers that are always looking for these aspects of their financial exposure to be partly or totally covered by partners.

It makes Give-Get-Go and GGG partners and suppliers, applicants not supplicants. GGG sets trends that others will follow.

GGG is led by Tony, who is an award winning international filmmaker with many famous films to his credit. He has made films with stars from the film and music industries such as The Who, Michael Caine, Lee Marvin, Roger Moore, Deep Purple and many others. The GGG team also includes other current filmmakers, qualified educators, and leading dramatic professionals who, together, provide outstanding service.

Give-Get-Go also create unique film making experiences for schools, academies and colleges of every shape and size, either at your establishment making use of your gym/assembly hall etc. or at its soon to be unveiled Romford Northampton based studios.


Due to global film industry contacts with proven track records of excellence Give-Get-Go will arrange film-making experiences so participants with a dream can make them come true.

GGG will also provides bespoke film making experiences that are both fun and educational. As well as learning the practicalities involved in producing a film, young and old participants will learn the vital skills needed to be successful in academia, training and in the world of work.

Time management, budget control, team work, compromise and discipline are all part of the film making process, as well as dressing up and showing off just for the fun of it.

There will be unique team building experiences and choices ranging from fabulous full day workshop that will see anyone taking part making their own films, having fun while being mentored by real professional filmmakers.

Also, available in various packages Give-Get-Go can provide psychometric profiling from qualified practitioners that will demonstrate who in your team is a leader, a great team player or someone with great potential. Above all the variety of choices are fun, enjoyable and creative as each person will fashion film memories and share top tips from knowledgeable hosts.

Films unleash inventive spark and you choose who will direct, produce or fill one of the technical roles, or take turns with this and acting in front of the cameras. You can also participate in the editing process. All the while you will be guided and mentored by our GGG professionals. GGG provides the scripts, costumes, the make-up and equipment, you provide your own cast and crew.

This project is coming your way soon!


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