Fighting to save our air


Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham is calling for more petition signatures against proposals to build a mass waste incineration plant opposite Rainham.

The local MP has been running a campaign against plans since September 2018 and he has already made several representations on behalf of residents, including a visit to the existing Cory facility in Belvedere last month. This Friday (19 May) is the deadline for final written representations to the Planning Inspectorate from ‘Interested Parties’.

The MP will be including the petition so far in his final submission to the Planning Inspectorate. In the coming months Mr Cruddas is hoping to encourage more signatures so he can present the petition to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy later in the year ahead of his deliberation on the plans.

Mr Cruddas told The Enquirer: “In February a World Health Organisation report highlighted that 90% of the world’s children are breathing toxic air. I don’t want the children in the south of my constituency to suffer poor health tomorrow because we didn’t fight to protect their air today.”

“Air quality is high on the agenda and if the UK is to achieve a net-zero carbon economy the government needs to stop approving environmentally damaging forms of energy production.”

“I don’t want the quality of life across Rainham and South Hornchurch to be marred by poor air because of a Tory approved waste incinerator billowing toxic fumes across the Thames.”


Local residents in the area have expressed huge concerns over this build and the MP continued: “I can’t stress enough how important this is, residents are always telling me how they feel Rainham gets the raw end of the deal time after time.

“Over the years Rainham and South Hornchurch have taken the brunt of environmentally damaging policies such as extended landfill and mineral extraction. It’s time to take a stand and say enough is enough.”

If approved the site will produce more harmful emissions than any other Energy from Waste site in the country. There are many reports to suggest that the proposed facility will have a disproportionate effect on air quality, human health and biodiversity in the Rainham area due to the prevailing wind direction.

Mr Cruddas added: “I’m urging residents to sign the petition sooner rather than later. This isn’t a done deal, but we have to show the Planning Inspectorate and the Secretary of

State the strength of feeling in the community against these plans. I fear the Secretary of State will take the side of the Company? Whilst residents cannot identify toxic particles they can nasty odours. The incinerator must not go ahead if such smells cannot be eradicated”


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