Family doing everything to secure US treatment

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson contracted the disease in 2013

NHS unable to help

A former hairdresser who is bed ridden due to Lyme Disease is raising £80,000 for pioneering treatment in America.
Sarah Jackson, who lives in Colchester has been suffering from the disease for over three years and is now looking to America due to a lack of treatment in the UK.
Sarah said: “All my diagnoses and treatment have been through private healthcare; the NHS just don’t have the money or facilities to treat Lyme Disease.
“I have had little to no help on the NHS, due to a lack of knowledge and understanding within the medical profession.”
Sarah first got ill while enjoying a once in a lifetime adventure, travelling and working in Australia in April 2013.
At first she suffered from feeling faint, pain in her joints and feeling tired constantly and was diagnosed with PoTS disease after returning to the UK in September. PoTS disease occurs when the heart rate is sporadically thrown into low to high rhythmic beats when standing causing faintness.
Symptoms got worse and worse and she was diagnosed with Lyme disease in July 2014.


Sarah continued: “More recently my communication has got worse, joint pain has increased and I suffered a seizure and collapsed in a supermarket due to the illness.
“The doctor in the US told me that my case is becoming more concerning to him and that I will now need more aggressive treatment and that I’m at a very high risk of another seizure.
“My mum has Lyme disease too and her symptoms are getting worse but she has been my carer for the last few years. My dad works seven days a week already to help pay for my treatment in America.
“We have raised over £5,000 for the treatment in America so far. I will be there for six to eight months and on four different types of intravenous and oral anti-biotics, as well as supplements to fight the disease.”
Sarah has set up a go fund me page ( and Jewson’s in Maldon, are hosting a race night this weekend to help raise more funds.
“I hope to go to America this year. I am worried for my future, and my parent’s future. They have invested everything they can afford to help me get better, but sustaining that has become too difficult and stressful and I can’t bring myself to burden them any longer.
“I am saddened that the specialist care I need is not within my home country, nor is it available without cost to my parents – who have worked their entire lives and contributed to the system throughout their employment, but it is the reality that we face.”


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