Everyman Cinema set for opening in Chelmsford’s new Bond Street development


A NEW Everyman Cinema is due to open in Chelmsford, along with the new multi-million Bond Street development.

Everyman Cinema is an expanding business, and one that could potentially rival Chelmsford’s already existing Odeon, which is located at the opposite end of the City.

The brand has a very different perspective on cinema-going experiences. Creating a lounge like auditorium where film watchers can sit on sofas instead of more rigid upright chairs people are accustomed to seeing.

It is the first independent cinema to open within Chelmsford for decades. The most famous cinema being the Regent Theatre in the city centre, which was the main hub for theatre-goers in the 60’s and early 70’s before being turned into a bingo hall in 1975, and later revamping to become Chicago’s nightclub, which recently closed down.

Since the announcement of Everyman’s Chelmsford opening, attentions have been turning towards the Odeon.

With pressures already on cinema chains to keep up with the digital streaming world, prices are already higher than average, with the cost of a standard adult ticket peaking at nearly £9.


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