Essex lands starring role in new films

Death Walks crew

Death Walks crewEssex is set to be the backdrop for three new movies with Romford, Hornchurch and Brentwood landing the starring roles.

Developed by Brentwood Director Spencer Hawken and Lucinda Rhodes, who shot previous zero budget films Death Walks and Revisited in the heart of Havering, the pre-production of their next flick No Reasons has already begun.

“There is so much talent on our doorsteps, so many great performers, and crew we would be foolish not to make the area our filming Mecca,” said Lucinda Rhodes who is behind crewing up and the financial side of the operation. “We proved with Death Walks that the area has some of the greatest people in it, for months we shot a movie without spending a penny, because the community care! We even secured some big names to star in it.”

Horror flick Death Walks began shooting in The Mercury Mall in Romford back in July this year, with the first trailer appearing online earlier this month. The film is expected to be released in 2014.

“It’s been a strange few months, first we shot a film for absolutely no cost thanks to the generosity of Romford’s Mercury Mall,” explains Director Spencer Hawken. “Then we acquired a cast of legends in their own arenas, and finally a supporting cast and crew of almost 1,000 who came back week after week for no cost to complete the task. During the process I was awarded funding for future projects, found work for many of our team, created a partnership with Lucinda Rhodes which already has two movies under its belt, three in pre-production and two currently doing the rounds for funding.

“Everyone we allowed into our inner circle on Death Walks said they had never seen a movie like it, our aim is to replicate that feel for No Reasons,” adds the Director of his next venture. “What after all is the point of making something someone else is doing? You have to push the envelope.”

The story of No Reasons revolves around Jodie, a fresh faced young teenager who one day fails to come home from school.

The focus is then put on her parents, Sally and Paul as they try to piece together the tatters of their life without their much loved child. But as the story probes deeper the movie will reveal a darker more sinister side as to why Jodie disappeared.

Hornchurch and Brentwood are going to be the key locations within the movie, with private properties already secured for filming.
The cast already includes 80s sensation Emily Lloyd and filming is due to begin shortly.

Next on the slate is Godfathers Of London which will almost entirely be shot within the confines of Havering.

The movie circles a turf war between two groups of young street gangsters, one group British the other Italian. When one of the British group’s grandparents get involved, the Italian side send for back up from Sicily and an old fashioned gang war breaks out between Italian and British old school gangsters who have been in retirement for decades.

The Director is also working with Lucinda Rhodes on a third film Road Rage. No Reasons begins filming shortly.


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