Enquirer Gift Guide… Detective Dot


Detective Dot

Bright Little Labs, the company behind Detective Dot – a nine-year-old British-Asian coder who is on a dangerous mission from the CIA (Children’s Intelligence Agency). The idea is to inspire more kids, especially underrepresented groups, into computer science and STEM.

The mega-pack comes with a Detective Dot book that is a fun story as well as a lesson in coding, a series of “missions” to complete, such as cracking a code or writing an “if statement” using, refreshingly, nothing more high-tech and expensive than a pen and piece of paper. The pack also contains stickers and of course a CIA membership card and personalised letter. Older children (aged eight and above) will love it.

Price: £18.99 Age range: 7+
Stockist: www.detectivedot.org


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