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Pretty much the smallest (ping pong size) robotic ball on the planet but packed with tons of fun.

The Sphero Mini can be used as a game controller on your phone/tab or programed to be able to use you phone/tab to control it. You can even guide the Mini with your face!

It has 4 different drive modes; Face mode, easily the most fun, with different expressions controlling the direction. You then have a joystick mode, dragging finger around the screen, tilt mode – tilt your phone/tab to drive the ball, the more you tilt the faster it goes and slingshot, touch the ball icon and pull back on the screen bursting it with power.

It may be small but it is incredibly nippy.

The neat little pack includes mini bowling pins and mini traffic cones to set up obstacles to knock over or try to guide the ball around. Plus a Micro USB cord.

It also has a free app available through iTunes or Google Play that contains 3 different games.

Using the ball as a controller, there is no need for systems or space to enjoy it, making it perfect for those long journeys. It’s easy to set up and navigate and comes in a variety of bright colours, green, blue, pink, orange and white and has a flashing LED light inside that you can decide what colour you want it to glow.

For all this fun, compared to alternative tech gifts/robots, with it’s great interaction to keep children and bigger kids amused it’s great at the price and has to be this year’s best gadget.
Sphero Mini App-Enabled Robotic Ball £49.99
available from Sphero.com and major UK retailers,


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