‘Enjoy it, then bin it’ aims to clean streets


‘Enjoy it then bin it’ is what Havering Council is asking takeaway eaters in the next phase of their Cleaner Havering scheme.

In the 2012 Spring Clean survey, takeaway packaging was cited as the biggest litter issue by 44 per cent of people, making it second only to dog fouling.

The Council has launched the campaign urging takeaway food outlets and their customers to bin their rubbish in an effort to keep Havering clean. A number of local shops have pledged their support already.

The campaign encourages takeaways, snack shops and supermarkets to sign a pledge to undertake regular clean-ups outside their shop and urge customers to bin their rubbish. The shops will also display the Council’s campaign posters and put stickers on food packaging.

The scheme kicks off this week in Elm Park, an area with one of the biggest takeaway litter problems. After this, the campaign will be gradually introduced across the Borough.

Cllr Barry Tebbutt, cabinet member for StreetCare, said: “We know most people do the right thing and use bins to dispose of their rubbish after they’ve enjoyed a burger or a sandwich, but sadly not everyone does. Wrappers, takeaway cartons and packages don’t just look terrible on the street, they also attract flies and vermin.

“No-one wants to see that in their local town centre – and although I’m really grateful to the shop owners who have pledged to clean up outside their stores, they really shouldn’t have to. We want everyone to take responsibility for binning their rubbish and take pride in where they live. After all, it only takes a few seconds.”

Elm Park businesses that have already signed-up to the pledge include: Tesco Express, The Co-op, Sainsbury’s Local, Best Fish Grill, Elm Park Express, Favorite Chicken & Ribs, Greggs, Mangi’s Chicken & Pizza, Morrisons M Local, Nemo’s Plaice, PKS Station Mini Market, Sparkling Food & Wine and Stokemoores Pie & Mash.

Additionally, businesses that don’t sell food have shown their support for a cleaner Havering and signed the pledge, these include: ANCO Blinds, Elm Park Cobbler, Readings Property Services, The Flooring Gallery and The Hobby Shop.

Store manager of Morrisons M Local, Barry Wells, said: “We need something to deal with the litter problem, especially as you get further into town, and I reckon this campaign will make a big difference. It will help build community spirit amongst us retailers and encourage people to take more pride in the town centre.

“As a routine, we always clean the front of the store, but if every shop in the town does this it should stay tidy.”

Colin Underwood from ANCO blinds added: “Lots of people buy a snack and then just throw litter straight onto the ground. And I’ve even seen some people just throw rubbish out of their car window. If we can get them to use the bins, that will be a good thing.

“I hope the campaign will make people more aware that they should use the bins or take their litter home. After all we’ll all benefit from a nicer and cleaner environment.”

Gurpal Hundal, of Mangi’s Chicken and Pizza, said: “If everyone plays their part it will be a really good scheme and help keep the town centre clean and tidy.”

Martin Sampson from the Hobby Shop, said: “The older kids drop a lot of litter, and lots of take away litter too. I think the campaign will highlight the litter issue and that people should be more responsible and make sure they bin their litter.”

“I’m really happy that so many local businesses have already pledged their support to our campaign and have signed-up to it already,” Cllr Tebbutt concluded.

  • 210 bags of rubbish are collected each week in the area
  • This rubbish is collected 12 times each week
  • The streets of Elm Park are swept each day for 12 hours
  • A mechanical sweeper attends the area every week
  • 60 hours are spent each week hand-sweeping and litter picking in Elm Park


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