Empire Film Review: Jason Bourne


Jason Bourne: 12A, 123 mins
Festival Film Rating: 4/5
by James Baxandall

FOR any Jason Bourne fan, it was safe to say that Bourne Legacy did not fill the empty void following Matt Damon’s departure in the excellent final film the Bourne Ultimatum.

However, upon the news of the infamous Jason Bourne’s return out of hiding in the shadows I was a little sceptical as to why he would.

But, I was wrong as the origins of Jason’s past come to light along with many other secrets his fellow agents recover. As we know this sets off a nonstop highly explosive action packed and cunning game of cat and mouse between Bourne and his former corrupt bosses in the CIA, accompanied by ‘the asset’ a cold a ruthless nemesis with a personal vendetta and an integral link to Jason Bourne’s beginning of his troubled past.

Matt Damon did not have too much to say but his body language and facial expressions were all that was needed between breaks of ferocious fighting combos and devastating car chases – I have never seen one SWAT van do so much damage before.

I highly recommend this film to anybody who has seen the Bourne films before or who loves a fast paced action, if you have not seen the originals then you would miss out a lot on how’s and whys within the back plots but it has not been made too much like a sequel so the main story can be followed.

Either way, it was great to see Jason Bourne back putting in a strong claim of being one the greatest and most feared agents in movie history.


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