Empire Film Review – Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie


Film Rating: 15
Duration: 90 mins
Festival Film Rating: 5/5
by Hannah Sampson

THIS one is exactly what you’d expect. It’s Ab Fab!
If you remember the 1990s series then this pays perfect tribute, and if you don’t it’s still a lot of fun. The costume department do themselves proud, too.

Without doubt, Joanna Lumley pulls off the best Patsy there ever was. There are a million and one celeb cameos and it can get a bit distracting trying to guess who everyone is and see how many can get in shot at one time but it’s all part of the fun.

The plot is as ridiculous as the costumes and the laughs are fairly obvious, but that doesn’t matter – you end up wanting more of just the same. There is one heartfelt emotional outpouring near the end but you may not notice from laughing so hard at the car chase scenes. Robert Webb is brilliant as Nick, the link character between the police who are hunting Eddie after she is suspected of drowning Kate Moss by accident, and Eddie’s daughter Saffie who hasn’t changed one ounce!

Coming out at the end, I realised that 20-plus years on, Ab Fab life is still as surreal and fun as ever it was.Totally recommended to anyone for a great night out – you’ll laugh and laugh until you cry. Simply brilliant, sweetie!


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