Dramatic fare rise on buses


THE Thurrock Independents group have written to FirstBus about the ‘dramatic’ increase in their fares for certain residents in Thurrock.

Councillor Jack Duffin wrote to FirstBus saying: “I am writing to you as the ward Councillor for Stanford East and Corringham Town regarding your decision to raise the price of student bus passes within my ward.


“This increase from £45 to £60 represents a 33% increase. This increase will place significant financial pressure on many residents within my ward, particularly those on a low income. I understand that the increase has been applied as a result of the area being redesignated from the Thurrock to the Basildon zone.

“Firstly, I would be grateful if FirstBus could provide me with the exact rationale behind this decision. Secondly, I ask that you look at this decision again as a matter of urgency and consider reversing it immediately.

“It is no exaggeration to state that this increase will result in genuine financial hardship for many families in my ward.

“I would ask that FirstBus consider this reality very carefully when reconsidering the decision to impose this increase.”

Thurrock Independent Homesteads Candidate, Gary Byrne said: “I have been contacted by many residents through my work at the Homesteads Hall who are deeply concerned about the financial impact of these increases. With the cost of living in Thurrock dramatically rising, this is the last Christmas present they wanted to receive.
“FirstBus need to seriously consider the impact of their decision before pushing ahead with this outrageous price hike.”

Local Thurrock resident Amanda told The Enquirer: “These price increases always affect those with the least. Most of us struggle as it is and an increase like this is just going to make things even harder for us. This will add further pressure to my financial situation, it will be a nightmare for us. “


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