Dog lovers encouraged to email MP


Actor and reality star; Ricky Rayment visited Dogs Trust Basildon last week, following the charity’s undercover investigation revealing the magnitude of the horrifying puppy smuggling trade.

Dog owner and lover Ricky visited the Essex-based rehoming centre to learn more about the campaign and met some of their residents searching for forever homes.

Ricky said: “I loved visiting Dogs Trust and learning more about their facilities and work – it was very hard not to come away with any of the lovely dogs I’d met in need of homes!

“It breaks my heart to think of puppies being torn from their mums at far too young an age, being transported thousands of miles in the most cramped conditions with no water, only to be sold in the UK to unsuspecting new owners.

“I’d encourage any dog-lover to contact their MP, to help bring about an end to this immoral and unnecessary trade.”

Dogs Trust Basildon’s Deputy Manager Kelly McMaster added: “Puppy smugglers are only concerned with making a profit, and the UK provides an attractive market because the high demand for fashionable breeds converts into fast internet sales.

“Importers are exploiting the lack of visual checks being made at the borders, and insufficient penalties for illegally importing puppies mean there is no real deterrent for these abhorrent crimes.

“Our thanks to Ricky for his support, and for being so passionate about a campaign that will help the lives of countless dogs.”

Dogs Trust is asking members of the public to contact their MP via the Dogs Trust website to help put an end to the cruel puppy smuggling trade. To find out more and contact your MP, visit


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