THE Member of Parliament for Romford has expressed his utter disgust at the vandalism of an RAF statue in Green Park on the night of Sunday 20th of January.

Mr Rosindell, who was left angered, told The Enquirer: “It is absolutely sickening to see what these vandals have done. So many brave airmen gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, so it is a travesty to witness such thoughtless acts by people who abuse the freedom this nation has given them.

What must veterans think when they see such disrespect to our own fallen?”

Detectives are currently investigating the criminal damage to a number of statues in central London and are appealing for information and witnesses.
Police received reports of criminal damage at 20:43hrs on Sunday, 20 January, to the Bomber Command memorial in Green Park, Piccadilly.

On Monday, 21 January, police also received subsequent reports of damage to the ‘Allies Statue’ of Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt in New Bond Street, the Canada Memorial in Green Park, The Royal Marine Memorial in The Mall and the Yvonne Fletcher memorial in St James’s Square. In all cases white paint had been splashed on the memorials.

The MP continued: “The vandalism to the Bomber Command memorial at Green Park and the other statues across London this week, brings shame upon those who carried out this cowardly act.

“It is quite hard to see what these yobs were trying to achieve, unfortunately it seems that not everyone understands our history and what sacrifices were made, so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today.”

Mr Rosindell, has a special link to the RAF as his father served as an RAF officer and Havering is known for its links to the RAF.

“I have always honoured the service the Royal Air Force have given over the past century and last year, celebrated the RAF’s 100th anniversary. Pilots stationed at Hornchurch became national heroes during the Battle of Britain, forming part of the front line of the country’s defences.

This act of vandalism has left many in the community angered and disgusted, a retired police officer who did not wish to be named said: “Yvonne Fletcher was murdered in the course of duty, she and the rest of the police force put their lives in danger for us everyday and are very courageous, something those vandals clearly know nothing about.

“Let’s hope the perpetrators are bought to justice and punished. Spare a thought for the RAF Benevolent Fund, who are left to restore the memorial to its full glory.”


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