Crime up as budget cuts bite


The MP for Elm Park has spoken out against the stabbings and increase in violence the area has seen over the last few weeks.

Jon Cruddas, the Rainham and Dagenham MP told The Enquirer: “I completely condemn the violence we have seen in Elm Park over the past week and across the constituency in recent months.

“The Metropolitan Police have been backed into a corner by the Tory Government and its harsh cuts to the police numbers. Due to this the tri borough strategy has come under real pressure, and that is because the Metropolitan police force just don’t have the numbers.”

Police were called just after eleven pm, on Friday, June 1, to reports of a large fight between Rosewood Avenue and Coronation Gardens in Elm Park, where officers and members of the London Ambulance Service also attended.

Four males were found with stab wounds, three males aged, 18, 20 and 22 were taken to hospital suffering from stab/slash wounds, none of which were life threatening. A fourth male, also aged 18 years old suffered a facial injury after being assaulted and is not believed to be seriously injured. Officers from the East Area Command Unit are currently investigating the incident.
“My office has been liaising with residents and the local police regarding the issues in Elm Park, particularly the gang related issues outside Sainsbury’s Local where youths have been intimidating both shoppers and employees. Sainsbury’s brought in their own private security as a result. That can’t be right. Residents and local businesses shouldn’t be in a situation where they feel they have to police themselves,” added Mr Cruddas.
One local resident who lives near Elm Park tube station told The Enquirer, “It has become really bad here. A lot of local residents are scared to walk past certain areas as they feel really intimidated by it all. We need to see more police here. We only see the police when crime happens, now there have been stabbings and the sad part is no one is really shocked or surprised by it anymore.”
The local MP will be visiting the area this week and finished by saying, “This week I will be visiting local businesses at the Broadway with local councillors and top police officers in the borough to find out how they are being effected by anti-social behaviour in the area. I am thankful that the injuries suffered in the most recent incident were not life threatening, but unless we act this won’t always be the case.”


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