Crash hot-spot needs re-think

Crash hot-spot needs re-think
Crash hot-spot needs re-think

The roundabout in Basildon highlighting the accident hotspot.

Concerned drivers have raised issues with a roundabout in Basildon after a spate of accidents over the last few months calling it ‘damn right dangerous.’

Billericay and Basildon residents and others that use the roundabout regularly are fed up with seeing accidents on the slip roads that drivers use to exit the A127 and enter the Pipps Hill Retail Park.

A resident from Billericay who wished to remain anonymous said: “A van went right into the back of us on the slip road last year. It caused over £3,000 worth of damage to our car. The council have called it an ‘improvement;’ It certainly is not.”

Essex County Council hired the now bust contractors Carillion to make changes to the junction after securing a £14.7million grant from the Department of Transport’s community infrastructure fund in April 2011. It was finished in spring 2012.


Helen Jenkins a nurse from Rayleigh who uses the roundabout daily, said: “Last week was the forth time in two weeks that I saw an accident at this junction. With so many accidents there you would have thought that the council may have cottoned on by now and removed it.

“Every road design should account for the least experienced road user as well as the most experienced.
“It is a ridiculous system and a waste of money. Poor road management by the council. How many more accidents do we have to see here before the road rage turns into assault?”

The junction is under the control of Essex Highways and is permitted design by the Secretary of transport.

According to younger residents, driving instructors are telling pupils during lessons not to use the slip lanes because it’s too dangerous.

But Charlie Smith, a local farmer says it’s the drivers, not the road layout that is the problem.
Mr Smith said: “Drivers should open their eyes and learn to drive. It’s not the slip road that is the problem, its everyone not knowing how to use it. People who crash only have themselves to blame.”


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