“Cowardly” chef is sent down


AN east London man, who murdered his ex-girlfriend in front of their daughter at her family home in Dagenham, has been sentenced to life in prison, to serve a minimum of 17 years, after pleading guilty to stabbing her with a kitchen knife.

36-year-old chef, Delton Coley (pictured right), of no fixed address, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey on Monday, 9 September to the murder of Daneshia Arthur, 30, at her home in Baden Powell Close, Dagenham.

On 18 March Coley arrived at Daneshia’s home asking to see their daughter. When she refused his request Coley left but returned a short while later at which point it appears Daneshia allowed him into the house.

Coley was in possession of a set of knives in his rucksack, with which he attacked Daneshia, stabbing her several times.

Leaving the victim on the floor, Coley left the flat and the body was not discovered until later that evening when Daneshia’s mother came home. She called an ambulance but by that point it was too late and Daneshia was pronounced dead at the scene.

The following day Coley was found at an address in Upton Park, where he was arrested and charged with murder.

The victim’s mother, Colleen Ollivierre said: “Daneshia’s death has destroyed our lives and family.

“We are traumatised, broken hearted, emotionally unstable, shocked and finding it hard to accept that we have to experience such a great loss.

“We have lost a very, very special daughter, mother, sister and friend. A very loving woman, a very caring woman with a good character and sense of humour.

“Daneshia was strong willed, motivated, trust-worthy and reliable.”

Her brother Gregory Arthur added: “Daneshia was a focused and beautiful individual inside and out and to be taken from us in this manner is devastating and unjust.

“We have to pick up the pieces that this coward has left behind.”

DI Andy Yeats of the Homicide and Major Crime Command (HMCC) said: “As a result of Delton Coley’s actions, the family of Daneshia Arthur have been left devastated.

“Immediately after attacking Daneshia, Coley had the opportunity to contact the emergency services and potentially save the life of the mother of his child.

“He chose not to do this, but instead fled the scene – a despicable act by a cowardly man.”


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