Councillor agrees to new Dry Street speed survey


A SPEED survey is set to take place on Dry Street following the death of a pedestrian earlier this year.

Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock recently met with Cllr Rodney Bass, cabinet member for highways at Essex County Council to discuss the ongoing campaign to see the speed limit in Dry Street, Basildon dropped to 30mph.

Following a constructive meeting, Cllr Bass reiterated what he had already made clear on many occasions that he did not have the authority to alter the speed limit without embarking on a further consultation.

The current 40mph limit was introduced at the end of August, following an earlier consultation undertaken before Cllr Bass was the cabinet member and before the death of Justin Bowman.

23-year-old Justin, also known by his stage name Justin Boneman, died in hospital on Tuesday, 28 May after being hit by a car on Dry Street.

Friends, family and local councillors have since campaigned to lower the speed limit.

However, Cllr Bass agreed that he would arrange for a speed survey within the next few weeks and that he would consult again with the police to identify whether a further reduction in the speed limit or other safety measures should be introduced on Dry Street.

He would also examine the implications of potential additional traffic on Dry Street as a consequence of recent planning applications for new housing development in the vicinity and any conditions imposed by the planning authority.

MP Stephen Metcalfe, who has been working on this issue together with Basildon Council Leader Tony Ball, said: “I am grateful to Cllr Bass for agreeing to a new survey and fully accept that he has to act both proportionately and within the legal frame work laid down by law.”

He continued: “I hope that following the survey and subsequent discussion with the Police, and taking into account all other factors evidence will emerge to support a 30mph limit, but at this stage we will have to wait and not pre-judge the survey.

“I, Cllr Tony Ball and Cllr Bass are aware of how emotive this issue is and have great sympathy with the family and friends of Justin who was sadly killed in Dry Street earlier this year.

“Our overriding aim is to ensure our roads are safe for all users and that appropriate speed limits are in place, which I for one hope will be 30mph for Dry Street.”


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