Concern for our streets


A Tilbury resident who did not wish to be named has spoken to the Thurrock Enquirer, about his growing concerns of anti-social behaviour in the area.

“It is getting worse and worse here now, we had a drive-by shooting here two weeks ago which has left most of us here in the area very scared. We worry for this area and what is happening here. Others I speak to want to get out of the area before someone else is hurt.”

On March 24 a man in his 30’s was shot in the leg in a ‘drive-by’ shooting just after 10.30pm along St Chads Road in Tilbury, the police were keen to point out that this was an isolated incident and that there was no risk to the public.

“When it happens on your doorstep it starts to worry you, you don’t expect things to happen like that. I think it has shocked a lot of us,” continued the local resident.

The man in his 30’s was taken to hospital with injuries that are not believed to have been life threatening and the incident is not believed to be related to any others that have taken place across Thurrock over the last few weeks.
“It seems to be happening everywhere”, continued the local resident.

“We have seen shootings across London and stabbings in Thurrock, it’s dreadful. I do think we need more police, there have been so many cutbacks its crazy, our security is never something that should be compromised. How can they cut back the police?”
Councillor for the Tilbury St Chads area John Allen told the Enquirer: “This is certainly cause for concern, especially with all the anti-social behaviour going on here, we are concerned.

“I questioned in chambers, the Police and crime Commissioner Roger Hirst recently and asked him if he felt some parts of Thurrock were becoming lawless, and of course he danced round the question and didn’t answer.”


The Thurrock Independents Councillor is angry at the lack of officers and the cuts being made to the police, “Thurrock has an increasing population, it is getting bigger so we should be having more police officers and more fire stations, yet they are cutting the numbers down.

“We don’t even see anymore PCSO’s out on our streets now. Before we had PCSO’s on their bikes as visible deterrents on our streets, now they are gone and there is no-one as a visible deterrent anymore,” he continued.

“This Government has cut back the police, and this is a cause for concern. In Thurrock now we have just 5 or 6 officers of a night to cover the whole of Thurrock.

“In my ward anti-social behaviour is growing, with youngsters riding around recklessly on their bikes. Instead of having the police taken away from us we need them back on our streets as visible deterrents,” finished Councillor Allen.


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