Community event held at My Place


Harold Hill became the centre of attention for all the right reasons last Wednesday evening as a range of community events were held at the ‘My Place’ Youth Services.

The event saw stalls from right across the spectrum including Youth Parliament, the Army and even a United Nations Representative, was organised by local councillor Jan Sargent.


Cllr Sargent told said: “My Place Youth Services in Harold Hill was packed with representatives and leaders from a wide range of youth groups and services. Inspirational talks were given by United Nations representative Ralph Scotland and Colonel Mark Bryant.

“The aim was to try to make a difference, all the services on hand were trying their hardest to inspire and guide our youngsters to a path which will hopefully build them a bright future.

“Havering Youth Parliament, well what can I say, they are just amazing. To think we have such young talent, strength and passion in our midst is truly reassuring. With these young people looking after our future, I know we’ll be in good hands.”

“We are hoping that Havering Council have seen the benefits of this event and plan to set up similar events.

My place is a youth service and activities provider. In today’s surge in serious youth crime its vital that younger members of our community have structured, disciplined activities which will hopefully help build their confidence and guide them into a more positive route through life.

Eileen Gilbey told The Enquirer: “I think it’s amazing how many wonderful groups were represented all under one roof to enable the young people to easily find out which group they would like to join. There are incredible people out there that give up their free time every week to help develop young people forge lifelong friendships and assist them to become kind, caring and responsible adults.

“This may be the first event of it’s kind in this area but I am sure it won’t be the last.

Some of the young people in Harold Hill have already benefited from our initiative but imagine how many more could benefit Havering-wide with the right support and assistance to have larger events like this. My only hope is that more parents or guardians will go along to these events and encourage their youngsters to take part in a variety of activities.”


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