Comic Con 2019


Last weekend saw one of the biggest film and comic con celebrations to be ever held in London. The Showmasters London Film and Comic 2019 took place at Earls Court Olympia, from Friday, July 26 to Sunday, July 28. The event saw some of the biggest names of film and tv screens attend, as well as bringing a whole host of fun activities including photo shoots with the stars, panels, autograph sessions and hundreds of stalls full of film and tv memorabilia.

This was the first event of its kind that I have ever attended and I have to say I was eager to attend when I knew Ian McDiarmid and Hayden Christensen were attending. As you can guess, I am indeed a massive Star Wars fan and the idea of seeing the ‘Emperor’ and ‘Darth Vader’ totally blew my mind.

The event was attended by literally thousands and thousands who came dressed in their favourite character outfits from Hogwarts attire to budding Jedi warriors and I’m sure they also left not disappointed.

Despite having to queue for nearly an hour to get in, the experience was worth it when you got there knowing you could be meeting stars such as Robert Carlyle, Jenna Coleman, William Shatner, Tom Felton, Jason Isaacs, Brendon Fraser, Ian McDiarmid, Carrie-Ann Moss, and let’s not forget Alfie Allen, the man famous for killing John Wick’s dog and without whom we would never have had John Wick 2, 3 and a soon to come 4.

It was a fantastic day, with stars, and even more stars there to make the event special for everyone. Literally you just finished saying ‘Wow that’s Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) when his on screen father (Lucius Malfoy), Jason Isaacs walks right past you.
Still for me, I attended with the hope of seeing Ian McDiarmid and sure enough I saw him meeting fans and signing autographs happily, a true legend.

This event is a must for all budding film fans; it is well worth every minute of being there, from an amazing atmosphere to endless stars to overfill your cup to the brim.
By Francesca Lilleystone


  1. I wish I could have gone. For me my highlights would have been seeing Jenna Coleman and The Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors – talk about a legend!


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