Clean up after travellers trash site


Local residents have been praised for the fantastic community spirit they have shown in pulling together and finally getting the travellers to vacate the area they had encamped on since April.
Work began on Tuesday, June 5 to clear up on the Pompadours pub site that has been left with literally piles of rubbish on it.
Gooshays Councillor Jan Sargent said: “I am absolutely disgusted at how these people have trashed our area.
“I really feel for the surrounding residents who have had to look onto this everyday.
“I have been co-ordinating very closely with Havering Council’s Enforcement officers, they worked very hard to get this repulsive situation sorted.”
The travellers first arrived on the Pompadours site in Harold Hill, earlier in March, where they stayed for two weeks before leaving a mountain of rubbish behind that was cleared up by the local community.
They arrived again a month later, when they were told to leave.
An enforcement notice was issued on May 30 to the owners of the land to secure the premises , and have all the rubbish cleared by June 8.
“There are now security guards at the scene who will be there twenty four hours a day and permanent barriers on the land once the clean-up operation has been completed.”
The clean up operation is expected to cost thousands as the travellers have used the site to fly tip all the rubbish they have, including bags of rubbish, shopping trollies, and old furniture.


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