Civic Awards recognise people that help others


THE awards recognise individuals who have dedicated their time to help others in Brentwood. They were presented at the Civic Dinner on Friday 5th April at Hutton Mount Banqueting Suite, Mount Avenue, Hutton Mount.

The winners were:

• Young Volunteer of the Year – Sam Hatcher-Staines
• Lifetime Achievement – Mike Hawkins
• Lifetime Achievement – Mike Conyers

The Civic Awards Judging Panel said they were impressed with the outstanding work the recipients had done and their involvement in the community.


Mayor of Brentwood, Councillor Sheila Murphy, who was also on the judging panel, said: “I have met so many people within Brentwood as part of my role as Mayor. These people are fundraisers, volunteers, and part of our community, often giving their time without expecting anything in return. These winners have made a big difference to people’s lives.

It is an honour to present them with these awards as a little thank you from us and recognition of what they do.”

Sam Hatcher-Staines said: “It’s a surprise and an honour to be given this award, like most people I was raised on the idea success is based on a how much you earn and own but I learned very young that wasn’t the case, when we part from this life the money we’ve made over the years isn’t somethings that matters, I’ve tired and plan on continuing to leave this world better then it was when I came into it.”

The panel said: “He is outstanding, especially for the work that he is doing. He is dedicated with working with the youth and has been volunteering for more than five years.

Mike Hawkins said: “I am honoured and delighted at the decision to grant me a lifetime achievement award and I would like to thank everyone involved, especially those who nominated me. When my wife Diane and I moved to Brentwood (via Surrey) from our native South Wales over 40 years ago, we immediately fell in love with Brentwood.

“That love has, gown stronger and we count ourselves very fortunate to have lived and brought up our family in what I consider to be one of the finest places in Britain. The citation mentions my involvement in voluntary organisations such as Round Table, Rotary, Brentwood Business Partnership and Brentwood Theatre.

“All of them rely on people stepping forward to volunteer, and Brentwood has a long tradition of such volunteering for many local organisations which do excellent work. I am proud and privileged to be a small part of that work”.

The panel said Mike fits all the criteria for lifetime achievement. His charity work is extraordinary, and he is trusted by the community. He is an extremely worthy recipient and is highly valued by the Rotary Club, fundraisers, and the business community.”


Mike Conyers said: “I was shocked and surprised as I was not expecting the award. I feel highly honoured and extremely grateful and shall treasure it.

“I was asked the question why do I do it; I feel life has got to be a challenge not a threat and I follow the words of Helen Keller who was blind and deaf who said that life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. I feel having a disability helps me to empathise with others who have disabilities or difficulty in life.

“I am a Rotarian and our Maxim is ‘Service Before Self’ I follow the words of George Elliott who said ‘what do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult to each other.”

The panel said: “He hasn’t let the tragedy in his life stop him and his dedication to the charities is phenomenal. He is a very worthy recipient of the lifetime achievement for his work.”


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