Cineworld Festival Film Club Review – Trolls


Film: Trolls
Rating: U
Festival Film Club rating: 4.5/5
By: Mel, Oliver & Ella Whitfield

Super cute, overly bright, always happy and bursting into song and dance at any given moment – what’s not to love about the brand new animation TROLLS.
The story is pretty standard, the happy trolls are being hunted by the permanently depressed Bergens (Ogres to you and I!) and one day the Trolls sing & party so hard that the Bergens discover their whereabouts and kidnap a whole bunch of them to eat in a bid to try and make them happy.

The pink powerhouse ‘Princess Poppy’ seeks help from the grumpy grey hug hating ‘Branch’ and together they embark on a journey through talking clouds and singing flowers in a bid to rescue their friends.

We won’t spoil the ending but it’s very sweet and you can’t help but leave the cinema with a warm fuzzy colourful glow inside!

The film has a fabulous soundtrack full of songs you can’t help but sing along to, an easy to follow storyline and is sure to be loved by young and old alike, especially those who remember the Trolls the first time round!

Perfect family film for half term – a 4.5 star from us.


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