Cineworld Festival Film Club Review – The Shallows

Nancy (Blake Lively) in Columbia Pictures' THE SHALLOWS.

The Shallows, 15, 86 mins
Festival Film Club Rating: 3/5
By Jessica Bowers

Set on a secluded beach in Mexico, medical student & keen surfer Nancy (Blake Lively) takes to the waves to enjoy what she thinks will be a memorable surf in a place that’s close to her heart.
What she doesn’t know is that there’s a shark looming in the water, and he’s out to get her. After being bitten badly by the shark Nancy manages to find safety on a rock, and using her medical skills, treat her wound as best possible (not for the squeamish!).

But stranded 200 yards from the shore and no way to attract help, Nancy has to find other ways to fight for her survival.

Thriller movies are never my top choice, but it was Blake Lively that drew me to the movie, and she didn’t disappoint. I found myself engrossed to her character, fighting for her survival as much as she was in the physically challenging role.

Letting the film down is some of the CGI, in particular one surfing scene where you can quite obviously see how badly Lively’s face has been put onto a stunt double.

If you’re looking for a film that will keep you gripped to your seat from start to finish, and leave you wondering if and how you could fight for survival, then The Shallows is the film you need to see.


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