Cineworld Festival Film Club Review – The Girl On The Train


Film: The Girl On The Train
Rating: 15, 80m
Festival Film Club rating: 3/5
By: Ian Duffield

From the train she takes every day, a lonely woman named Rachel, brilliantly portrayed by Emily Blunt, sits staring out the window as she passes the neighbourhood she used to live in and the house her now ex-husband shares with his new wife and baby.
Rachel, now a serious alcoholic, is mourning the end of her marriage and for her journey on the train back and forth into Manhattan gives her a twice daily reminder of what life for her could have been.

She also spies on the lives of a beautiful couple, their erotic life together, seen only by her, it’s a love story that Rachel dreams could be hers. But all is not as it seems, and the beautiful, suburban couple she sees from the train are not as loved up as they first appear. Something darker and sadder than her own life hides in plain sight.

As with Gone Girl, another taut thriller with a great twist in its tail, Hollywood has glammed up the book’s more modest London setting for a glossier, New York suburban chic.


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