Chair of young labour


Chair of Havering’s Young Labour Nicholas West attended the first ever Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, in Dorset last week.

The festival commemorates the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, farm workers who formed a union in the hope of being able to live above the poverty line and obtain decent working conditions.

The martyrs were criminalised and deported from their own country for their efforts, however justice was eventually achieved and thirty years later the Trade Unit Congress was founded.

Nick told The Enquirer, “I agree with Jeremy Corbyn that the history and achievements of the trade union movement should be taught in schools, as if it wasn’t for their fight and determination, we wouldn’t even have the very basic workers rights as we do now. The story of the Toldpuddle Martyrs is a clear example of power imbalance the trade unions and the Labour Party look to correct between workers and the ruling classes.”

The festival took place between July 20-22 in Tolpuddle and celebrates the achievements of the 1834 farm workers in Dorset who formed the very first trade union.The event was attended by many who travelled across the country to celebrate the first ever festival in honour of the farm workers and show support with today’s trade unions.


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