Cartwright & Butler Traditional Christmas Puddings

Cartwright & Butler Traditional Christmas Pudding review by Shiralee Swan
Cartwright & Butler Traditional Christmas Pudding

Cartwright & Butler have used the most traditional Christmas Pudding shape, ‘The Ball’ for their Traditional Christmas Pudding. It is rich in vine fruit, walnuts and spices with brandy and port too.

Cartwright & Butler Traditional Christmas Pudding

I found the texture of the pudding very pleasing. Cooking was very simple, I choose simply to microwave cook. Pop the pudding into the microwave on full power for 6 mins (800 watts) The pudding can also be steamed for 2 hours. Please read the

steaming instructions on the label.

I would deliver the pudding to the Christmas dining table decorated with a sprig of holly and serve with the option of cream, custard, brandy sauce.

Christmas Pudding with candied orange in a tin

Wow what a super twist to Cartwright & Butlers Traditional Christmas Pudding.

It’s said that you tamper with a classic at your own risk. But Cartwright & Butler have done this. They took a traditional rich Christmas pudding and added candied lemon and orange peel, a generous slug or two of orange liqueur and then covered the outside in whole slices of candied orange.

I loved the candied lemon and orange peel in the pudding. It comes presented in a reusable, signature clip top tin. I will be buying some as Christmas presents too.

Available for Cartwright & Butler’s website
By Shiralee Swan


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