Career insight for underprivileged

Career insight for underprivileged
Career insight for underprivileged

Essex school students interested in careers in energy are being offered the chance to take part in a scheme to raise awareness of the range of jobs available in the industry.

National education charity Future First is partnering with Greenergy, the road fuel supplier, to inform state school students about the skills necessary to succeed in the energy and fuel industry.


Future First research shows almost five in ten young people in receipt of Free School Meals do not know anyone in a job they would like to do and three quarters do not believe that people like them are successful.

Christine Gilbert, Executive Chair of Future First and a former Ofsted Chief Inspector, said: “Future First’s new partnership with Greenergy will provide inspiring opportunities for more young people to develop their employability skills and gain a greater understanding of the world of work. Students will see what a modern workplace looks like in action and will be able talk to professionals.

“They will be able to connect personally with people whose stories and experiences bring the industry alive. Hearing from employees in interesting jobs helps students make better informed decisions about what they need for their working life as well as develop the skills employers are looking for today.”

Under the scheme, Year 12 students studying maths and sciences in state schools in Essex will tour Thames Oilport, the fuel import and storage terminal at Corringham.

Whilst at Thames Oilport, students will have the opportunity to talk to employees and apprentices about their career pathways and learn about the study routes they should follow to pursue specific jobs.

The charity says the link between schools and employers enables students to broaden their horizons and boost their confidence, motivation and knowledge about career pathways.

Future First’s partnership with Greenergy will allow more students to access the experience and advice of the people who work there and understand the skills needed in a range of jobs.

Chris Brookhouse, Thames Oilport Chief Executive, said, “We rely on a breadth of skills and experience from engineers, IT professionals and logistics personnel to fuel tanker drivers and marine operators. By allowing students to come behind the scenes at Thames Oilport, we hope to demonstrate the range of opportunities available in the industry.”


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