Burglar who was caught in kitchen jailed


A burglar who was caught red handed in his victim’s kitchen in Wickford with his pockets and bag full of their possessions has been jailed.
Luke Slater, 24, of Rowdowns Road, Dagenham, was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on Tuesday, November 20, and received two months for theft and 24 months for burglary to run concurrently. He admitted the offences at court.
On Wednesday, September 26, we were called after a man spotted Slater acting suspiciously in Castledon Road at around 1.50pm.
We attended the scene in 12 minutes with Slater in the kitchen of the home he had broken into.
He was arrested and while he was detained, car keys, a necklace, a mobile phone and a glass breaker fell out of his pockets. Inside his bag was a stolen iPad, jewellery box, more keys and a camera.
Investigating officer DC Matthew Musson, of Basildon CID, said: “A concerned neighbour quickly called police when he saw Slater acting suspiciously. I would like thank him for his vigilance.
“We got the scene as quickly as we could and found Slater inside someone else’s home.
“He was caught in the act and had no excises, especially when stolen property started falling out of his pockets onto the floor.
“Slater will now have plenty of thinking time locked in prison.”


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