Burglar caught by internal camera jailed


A man who discovered a burglar in his Leigh-on-Sea home after his internal cameras sent live footage to his phone has thanked officers following the case’s conclusion.

Andy Brittan was at work at around 3pm on 21 August 2018 when his phone sent him a warning that someone was in his house in Grand Parade.

CCTV caught Daniel Weighman walking around his lounge (pictured) in Grand Parade before he left with computer games and a car key. This footage led to his arrest and charge.
Mr Brittan said: “I was at work and out of the blue I got a notification on my phone telling me there was movement in my house.

“My wife also has the application of her phone and instantly called me. As you can imagine, we were both in shock.
“We called police before making the journey back home. I was later told that the footage helped with a man’s arrest and charge.

“I’d like to thank the officers on the case for their support and work on the case.

“If I had any message to give it would be invest in some security – it really does help keep you safe and in cases like mine, it provides officers with evidence.”

At around 8pm on 5 March 2018, Weighman entered Edge hairdressers in Leigh Road before taking a two-figure sum of cash.

He then carried out a burglary in Glendale Gardens, which occurred between 7 April and 9 April 2018, taking laptops and jewellery.

Weighman, 34, of no fixed address, received two years and four months on Friday 26 July at Basildon Crown Court for two dwelling burglaries and a business burglary.

Investigating officer DC Layla Barker, of Southend CID, said: “I would like to thank the victims of Weighman’s crimes for their patience and cooperation throughout the investigations, particularly as he was very difficult to locate and bring to justice.

“I hope that this outcome offers some form of closure to them.
“The CCTV footage within Mr Brittain’s home was an excellent piece of evidence.

“I urge everyone to review their own home security and if they are able to, install CCTV throughout – increasing the chance of identifying a suspect.

“CCTV footage is of such great value to any police investigation, particularly burglaries.”


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