‘Brexit right now is a complete mess.’


With Brexit being the key word in the country, this week The Enquirer spoke to three Havering residents about their views on this issue, how they voted and how they feel Brexit will impact the borough.

Sue Connolly is the constituency Secretary to the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell and a very keen ‘Breixteer’, she told The Enquirer: “Brexit at the moment is a complete and utter mess.

“They have taken two and a half years to get to this stage and they just haven’t achieved anything. They should have gone to Brussels and instead of waving a white flag and handing over 39 billion, they should have gone over and told them what we wanted and see how they reacted to that.”

Sue is unhappy the handling of the Brexit situation and feels that the country’s withdrawal needs to be handled with a much tougher approach and a no deal Brexit needs to be looked at.

“Why they are thinking of taking no deal off the table is beyond me. That is the biggest stick we have against them, they are going to lose out more than us if it goes down the ‘no deal’ route.

“Plus if we go down the no deal route we get all that we wanted before and more and the 39 billion that we can spend in this country.”

Sue is also keen to point out how Romford residents feel about Brexit, she added: “Everyone is sick of it at the moment, we have quite an elderly population here and over 70% voted leave.

“They want to see us leave, they don’t want to see us tied to Europe in any way, shape, or form. We want to strike out on our own. What did we do prior to joining forty years ago?

“We led the way, we ruled the world and now we seem to have no courage. Our politicians seem to be frightened of their own shadows, they need to stand up for this country and represent the people.”
Sue wants Brexit to mean Brexit and wants some tough action now to take the country out of Europe once and for all.

Trevor McKeever is a member of the South Hornchurch Labour Action group and also voted Brexit. This week he told The Enquirer his views on Brexit and how he feels it will affect Havering.

“Where do you Start with Brexit, other than I feel it has be the most divisive, toxic decision that has been made by any UK government for many a year, all this to please the right wing Tory grandees.

“This has had the effect of dominating media coverage, allowing domestic issues in our country to either go unchallenged, or put on the back burner. I voted ‘Out’, and I require this government to carry out the democratic vote of the people.”


Trevor believes that a People’s vote would only make the country even more divided and said: “I was aware that Caroline Lucas MP Came from a Remain constituency in Brighton and has an agenda for a Peoples vote or as I would call it a seconded referendum.

“I explained to Caroline, if you have a second referendum this would only serve to deepen the divisions that have been created, and leave a bigger hole for the far right parties to exploit, and who’s to say that you would win the second referendum, what then, to which I feel she was aware.”

“What about Workers rights, and pay enshrined into EU law.

“Workers rights in this country have been hard fought for and gained mainly by our own trade unions, but when the UK government can choose to opt out of EU directives, the EU becomes ineffective, as for pay, it has now been proved beyond doubt that free movement has allowed peoples wages across the whole of the EU to be driven down, and company’s profit to increase. We have had peace because of the EU, now I rather feel that this has been the remit of the United Nations.”

“To conclude you have to either be in or out of the EU, you cannot cherry pick the bits that suit you, If you are a member of the club you should abide by the rules, as I have said I believe we should leave the EU, have confidence in our country’s ability to trade on the world market, lets put the united back into the UK and the Great back into GB.”

Ross Elliott is a South Hornchurch Independent Residents Association voter and also voted Brexit. This week he spoke to The Enquirer about his views on this key debate and how he feels it will impact the borough of Havering.

“I voted ‘Leave’ because it is important for the UK to regain its sovereignty and improve its trade. By ending the jurisdiction of the European Court, and escaping the Customs Union, the UK is able to trade with the rest of the world on our terms. Further integration with the EU, will only mean economic decline. I believe if the UK is free to focus on its own initiatives, its likely to do better on trade than it is in the EU. This would result in the UK economy flourishing.”

“I understand why the Government is trying to soften the blow of Brexit, however, paying £39 billion for an insufficient and inadequate deal with the EU is too much, and not what Leavers voted for.

“The result of the biggest democratic vote in the UK’s history should be recognised by all, and rather than fear a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, I believe we should be looking forward to the opportunities that will arise from it.

“In my opinion the EU is a slow sinking ship, and we are better to jumping ship now then waiting for it to sink.”


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