Brexit deal ‘HORRENDOUS’


‘Brexit means Brexit and this deal is horrendous’ were the fighting words of MP Andrew Rosindell as he spoke to the Enquirer this week about the Prime Minister’s deal with the EU.

Staunch Brexiteer, the Romford MP has lashed out describing this deal as ‘terrible’and stating that if the Prime Minister does not change her mind on this deal then a he would vote for a no confidence vote against her.

“This deal does not deliver on Brexit, Brexit means Brexit and this deal is only Brexit in name, “said Mr Rosindell.

As pressure mounts on the Prime Minster this week from her own ministers Mr Rosindell added: “This deal will tie us in permanently to the EU, it won’t allow us to make our own deals outside of it. There has been no compromise from the EU at all. This is a very bad deal.”


With the country now divided over Brexit, people are eager for a solution to be found and not the ongoing ordeal the country appears to be living in.

“I think the Prime Minister needs to seriously consider this deal, it is a very bad deal that will not allow our country to go and build links and make deals with other countries if we want to, we would still need the EU’s permission to do this. I believe the Prime Minister’s only option is to leave with a no deal option, “said a defiant Mr Rosindell.

Following a week of turmoil over the Brexit negotiations and the resignation of more cabinet members including the Brexit Secretary himself Dominic Raab, the Prime Minister faces further challenges in pushing to get this deal through Parliament following opposition from her own ministers.

“Brussells have got us trapped in a spiders web. At this stage I believe it is better for the country to leave with no deal than this horrendous one. With a no deal agreement we can then work on individual agreements and build our future on this.”

“The Prime Minister needs to put this country first and restore its sovereignty. With this deal we need to hand over £40 billion and still be tied into their rules.

“We would be tied into the Common Fisheries and other trade deals and it will be another ten years before we can begin to make our own deals without having to go via the EU,” he added.

“At this stage we need to leave with a no deal Brexit. This deal is a complete humiliation, it’s not acceptable and will let the people of this country down,” said the angry MP.

Mr Rosindell believes that if the Prime Minister does not change course with this deal then he cannot see how she can carry on.

“If she does not change her mind on this deal then I don’t see how she will continue. We need to dump this deal and have a bold plan to bring to the EU. We are leaving, so let’s make Brexit Brexit and not just in name.


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