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The Hutton Players present
28-30 March | 8pm
Set in 1942 in a provincial English theatre, this tragicomedy takes us into the backstage world of Sir, the last of the great, but dying breed of English actor-managers as he struggles through Lear with the aid of his dresser. Sir appears to be falling apart, but the show must go on – despite the air raid and shortage of performers. Supporting characters of ‘Her Ladyship’, Stage Manager Madge, young aspiring actress Irene and a motley variety of actors (too old or unfit to join the forces) add colour to this powerful play.
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The New Venture Players present
4-6 April | 8pm
1930’s Germany: a young Jewish girl flees Nazi persecution on a train bound for England. Finding herself in a strange country and unable to speak the language, she must shed her past in order to survive an uncertain future.
1980’s England: a woman sifts through the attic as she prepares for her daughter to leave home. Memories are unearthed among the boxes and questions must be answered about a life long-buried.
Kindertransport tackles the story of thousands of Jewish child refugees who were separated from their parents and uprooted from Europe to England during World War II. With the current state of the world and hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied child refugees, Kindertransport asks pertinent questions about our responsibility to those in need right now by looking back to the past.


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