Borough beats the gender pay gap

Brentwood top earner for women
Brentwood top earner for women

BRENTWOOD has been named in a recent poll as the highest earning place for women and the best for gender pay equality across the entire country.

A BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour report called ‘The Best Place in Britain for Women’ has put the borough as number one for women’s income and number one in terms of the pay gap between men and women, with the borough running at one per cent.

Women on average earn £19.85 per hour in Brentwood. The worst borough in relation to women’s earning potential, according to the report, is Sedgemoor in Somerset. Women there earn on average £9.25 per hour.

This income is calculated as the full time hourly gross income rate for women in Brentwood.

Sedgemoor also has a 48 per cent gender pay gap, making the Brentwood figure even more impressive.

Brentwood Borough Council Leader, Cllr Louise McKinlay said: “I’m thrilled to see Brentwood leading Great Britain on women’s pay but to be top in terms of closing the Gender Pay Gap is incredibly significant.


“Brentwood’s one per cent pay gap is now the game changer for all other areas across the country and put the borough at the top of the national debate on these two major issues.”

Cllr Louise continued: “The impact is huge for women, but also for society overall. We need women to be equalized to create balanced and sustainable households, workforces, businesses and families.

“As a working mother of two boys under-five, I took part in the Fawcett Society report into the lack of women in politics and how to address this last year. There is much work for women to do but we are making inroads.

“Just 17 per cent of council leaders in the UK are women, and I am proud to be one of this minority particularly in such a great place as Brentwood. There is much work to do for women still, but we are already making inroads.

“Brentwood has always been a much sought after location for commuters, schools, and business and this news has not only recognized this but put Brentwood at the front of the national agenda for women.”

Brentwood’s new status will be celebrated at the Brentwood Business Showcase at Brentwood School on November 1 where Google and Microsoft are leading speakers.


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