‘Boris as PM will be a friend to Havering’


This week Havering’s two most influential men have spoken exclusively to the Enquirer about the reasons why they are backing ‘Boris for Prime Minister’.
Andrew Rosindell, Romford’s Member of Parliament and Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White have both spoken about why they believe Boris Johnson is the best candidate to lead our country forward.
Councillor White told The Enquirer: “I believe Boris is the best person to lead our party and country forward. He is a breath of fresh air and a committed Brexiteer that can unite the party and bring everyone together. I feel that he can go forward and deliver a good Brexit as the country wants and really make Britain great again.”
Councillor White also spoke about what a successful Mayor Mr Johnson had been and how the country now needs a Prime Minister with his experience.
“I think Boris very much appreciates London, after having been the Mayor and he knows all the challenges that the capital and the country faces. He has huge experience and truly understands all the problems local Governments are facing. When he was our Mayor he always supported all the local Governments and was fair to all boroughs, there were no favourites.
“He has a lot of passion and drive that will help not just London but the whole country to thrive again. Under Boris local Governments got significant increase in funds, for example here in Havering Boris gave us £2.5 million, to redevelop Hornchurch High Street.
“Boris treats all boroughs equally and very fairly, he also has a strong team that will bring sound policies that will benefit everyone in Britain,” he said.

Bulldog Spirit

He finished: “Boris has a strong strength and desire for change for this country. He has a lot of personality that people can relate to, we saw that when he was Mayor of London and how well he engaged with everyone across the communities.”

Andrew Rosindell MP is also on the ‘Back Boris Campaign’ and this week told the Enquirer: “The reason why I’m backing Boris is because we need a Prime Minister who will stand up for us and our country. The European Union have backed us into a corner and are trying to force us to stay despite us wanting to leave and I believe that Boris has the ‘bulldog’ spirit this country needs.

“People trust him and we can clearly see that he is a proven winner have been Mayor of London. He speaks up for the ordinary man and woman in the street and knows how to communicate with all members of our society.”

The MP also spoke regarding Mr Johnson`s many visits to Romford

“Boris knows Romford very well, and has helped us out on numerous occasions.

“He is very pro Romford and will definitely be a friend to Romford. As a matter of fact, just last month, he spoke as the special guest at the Mayor’s charity event helping to raise money for many Havering charities.

“Having Boris as our next Prime Minister is good news for all of Havering and I am ready to support him however I can.”


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