Holidaymakers in Spain

I’ve always loved Benidorm ever since it first came onto our TV screens. I am pretty sure that I have seen every episode.

So when it was announced that it was going onto stage I was intrigued and excited. Well I was not disappointed.

This show celebrates British holidaymakers in Spain’s most notorious resort where anything goes.

I could not fault the characters they were excellent and showed no nerves on stage. starring Jake Canuso as Mateo, he has the only electric dance number in the show and just owns this part, Janine Duvitski (Jacqueline) is Queen of the show and is truly delicous and Adam Gillen brings a Lee Evans physicality & energy to Liam.

Sherrie Hewson gets the biggest cheer as Joyce Temple-Savage and brings her usual ditzy megalomania to the role whilst Shelley Longworth is the lovable Sam who also has a lovely singing voice.

There’s some very clever staging, perfectly timed mis-direction, lovely lighting but ultimately this is a cast driven comedy with music.

Brilliantly written by Darren Litten, I laughed and laughed at the many jokes that had a hint of sarcasm .

Benidorm Is on now at the Cliffs in Southend and there is no doubt that you will be laughing all the way home.



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