Basildon author releases first book on Nazi Britain


A 74 year – old first time author from Steepleview, Basildon has just launched his new historical fiction novel.

“The Film” is a new book by writer George Amos. Part history, part fiction, it imagines life if the Nazis had succeeded in invading Britain. The book follows First World War veteran John Groves who decides to fight back. The drama unfolds amidst the intrigue of an occupied nation, and John’s battle for survival.

The subject is something close to the author’s heart. Growing up in post – war East London, George witnessed the destruction caused by the blitz, and asked his father, who was in the army to explain why it had happened. This led to a lifelong fascination with history and WW2 in particular.

“I saw the bomb craters everywhere and wanted to know why there was so much destruction. My childhood friends and I used to sneak into the bombsites, even though we were warned it was dangerous.”

It was after he was given a first edition collection of Winston Churchill’s, “History of World War 2” that George became determined to write about the subject.

“He was a genius. I feel we owe him a great debt. During the darkest times he inspired us to resist.”

But it was the encouragement of winning an essay writing competition in 1966 that gave him the confidence that he needed to pursue his dream.

“I wrote an essay about chocolate – how it was made, why it became popular, etc. Cadbury’s chose it as their winning entry and told me that I had a talent for writing. It really encouraged me.”

However, this ambition was not realised straight away. George ran a successful import export business for many years before handing it over to his son. His business life saw him travel to many countries from 1977 to 2015. It was after this that he finally found time to write this, his first novel.

Following this success George is already planning his next book titled, “A Wall of Shame.” Another historical / fiction novel, it’s a sequel to “The Film”. It’s based around his experiences of travelling to Germany in the 1980s, and refers to the Berlin Wall.
Now living in Basildon, George is married with two sons and a daughter.

The Film by George Amos has now been published and is available on and


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